Hostgator Hosting Plan Review

When it comes to Hostgator, you know you will be getting a great deal for the money you spend with them. Here are some users’ viewpoints and opinions about them in a Hostgator hosting plans review.

Hostgator has several types of plans that include reseller, shared, and dedicated hosting. All of these plans have included in them things like mySQL, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, 4500 html, cPanel, Fantastico, templates for CSS and flash, site, database, transfer from other hosts, free domains, 24/7 support, 45 days on a money back guarantee, and more.

Support is included and consists of live chats online, email and phone. They also have a great tickets system for any repair orders you might have. They resolve to get these problems fixed in as quick a time as possible and still give that great customer service.

One user talked to Hostgator on the phone and asked them a lot of questions. They answered all his questions quickly. This is really great if you are not really a very technical person. Others stated that they too are happy with their service from Hostgator, and that they would not switch to anyone else.

Their cheapest hosting plan is a shared plan that costs you $7.95 per month. It has unlimited MB of web space, and unlimited MB of data transfers per month. You can host a multitude of websites on this one account at such a low rate.  Others have mentioned the low cost of what you get. There is truly a great deal of value here.

If you want to compare the hatchling, baby, and business plans, and know when you should choose a particular one, pay attention. If you only need one website, by all means go with the hatchling web hosting. It will be fine for a short time at least. By this I mean that if you plan to add more websites, you should move up to the baby plan. The baby plan allows for unlimited domains so that you can have as many websites as you want, and for not too much more money.  Hostgator even offers Hostgator discount coupons, just as Bluehost offers Bluehost promo codes.

The business plan is for those who need some serious add-on features for the Internet businesses they own. You really have to decide which the right one for you is, but for the majority of people, at least 99% of the time, the Baby plan is perfect.

Other users have commented on how reliable Hostgator hosting plans are. Hostgator tries to maintain almost 100% uptime (they are usually about 99.9%) so that you know you can count on them to give you great service at a great low price, too. They give you that guarantee that they will take care of any downtime issues or problems you might have, but very few users have reported any such problems of this sort.  Overall, Hostgator is a great service for your money, and you will get a lot of satisfaction out of using them for your web hosting needs.

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